Written Request
A Masterpiece of Fantasy





2000 Dagols

Map Location

Earth Valley


"Pick up the ordered weapons from the dwarves at Earth Valley"
—Written Request

A Masterpiece of Fantasy is a solo mission you can take after the Crocogator mission with Jarvis. It is one of three jobs you can take right after the Crocogator mission, the other two being Smilodon Fang Request and Beasts by the Bridge.

Once you pick the request up from Thanos you head for The Survivor Armory to speak with Warc. After a cutscene you head out towards Earth Valley. Once at Earth valley enter the homes of Brockle, Dyvad, and Gehrmann for three short cutscenes. Once completed deliver the packages to Warc then talk Thanos for your pay.

Job DescriptionEdit

I need someone to go to Earth Valley to pick up some weapons. Wanted: Someone who will handle these weapons with great care.

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