The Adien region is one of the thirteen regions that surround Radiata City, which it is connected to by the Lupus Gate. To the west is the Dova region, to the south-west is the Ocho region, to the south is the Septem region and to the south-east is the Dorse region. In the Adien region, there in the Nuevo Village, which a small group of humans live in.

Just before Nuevo Village is Louis, who is the first person you can actually buy things from. If you choose the non-human path, Louis will no longer appear.

Items that can be found in this region are an Analysis Ball, 2 Flee Balls, a Cure Needle, a Cement Powder, a Mint Drop, a Cure Drop, 50 dagols, the weapon Empty Bottle, the accessory Lucky Charm and the event item Nightstone. Items inside Nuevo Village can be found on its page.

Maps of this region:Edit

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