During battle, enemies may cause you or you party members to become affected by an affliction, which is a state of being that affects how the character with the affliction acts. Afflictions are usually caused by enemy attacks, but sometimes a battle can start with your party being the victim of an affliction. There are ways to cure afflictions – such as Sage or Cleansing Stone – as well as items – armours like the Robot Suit, Absolute Guard and Demon Mail – and skills – such as Stop Afflictions – that can protect you against them.

On the flip side, there are items you can throw – the powders – that will inflict an affliction on an enemy. Some weapons can inflict a certain affliction on an enemy, or the Bad Carrier skill can inflict one random affliction on an enemy each time you hit them.

Just as many opponents have the ability to stick your party with an affliction, people you can bring to your party can inflict afflictions right back.

Below is a list of each of the afflictions in the game with a link to more information about that particular affliction, including what it looks like, how you can heal it, and which enemies are capable of sharing it with your party.

List of afflictionsEdit