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Little is known about the once legendary hero known as Alfred, and what little is known takes great effort and detective work to uncover.

Alfred is the former wielder of the mighty sword Avcoor, and the late lover of Elwen (who was known as El during his life, and was the hero's disciple). During their time together, El swore to eternally love Alfred and him alone.

Due to Elwen's relationship with the fairy creatures, and Parsec the Fire Dragon in particular, it can be surmised that Alfred was also well known to the nonhumans.

At some point after his death, El took the sword Avcoor and rechristened herself Elwen; she built a shrine to her master in an area that either was or became the Path of the Spider (Radiata's sewers), and visits it daily.

It is also known that Alfred had children, because Swan Alicia of Theater Vancoor is his descendant; she is also said to share her father's abilities, implying that Alfred's family line is gifted in combat arts.

Theory Warning-The following is subject to debate,

Some fans of the game believe that Alfred fought along with El in the fairy wars ages ago, due to the description of Avcoor as a sword meant to destroy Falvern, and Falvern's usage during those battles. Some also believe that Alfred may have once been the vessel for either Quasar or Aphelion, as El is centuries old and when Jack and Genius discuss the cycle of the Dragon's in the sewers Genius mentions that the last time the Gold and Silver dragons reset the world was centuries ago. Adding credibility to this notion is the similarities between Elwen's speaking voice and the way Jack speaks after the nonhuman game ending; both characters speak in a distorted echo, suggesting that Elwen may have been analogous to Jack and Alfred may have been analogous to Ridley.

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