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The cocoon in which light elves are encased in after dying of the algandars plague.

Algandars is a type of disease in Radiata Stories. It has mysteriously spread throughout the world of Radiata. The disease is fatal to Light Elves, and causes humans to become violent and unstable. When an infected Light Elf dies, their soul also ceases to exist, rather than being passed to another body through the transpiritation ritual. When Ridley is nearly killed by a Blood Orc, Lord Nogueira performs the transpiritation ritual to save her from death. As a consequence, he develops the disease and perishes from it, or at least this what Lord Zane states when he is talking to himself near his brother Nogueira's grave.

The first record of the disease is in ancient legend. It happened when a Light Elf king fell in love with a human woman and mated with her. The mating apparently created the Dark Elves and killed the Light Elf King. In fear of the plague, the king sealed up the castle where he lived with his human bride, but the ruins still remain today and are explored in the game by Jack at the request of Mikey, a Dark Elf who dreams of the day when humans and elves can live together without the fear of algandars. Exploring the castle doesn't yield any results on a cure for the disease; only that the Light Elf king would have given up everything for his love. This seems to cement Jack's resolve to help Ridley through her journey until the end. This event is only on the non-human path. The exploration of the Algandars Castle reveals little information when undertaken on the human side.

The actual cause of the disease, according to Ridley during her awakening, is inbalance in Tottaus. The reason it is beginning to spread in both races is because of the slayings of the dragons, and the eventual awakening of the Gold Dragon. At this time, she also states that Lord Zane is infected with the disease as well. On the human path, after defeating him at the Lupus gate, he is mortally wounded and, he succumbs to the disease and dies.

Algandars is never described how it affects the other races. The only victims seem to be Humans and Light Elves because in the game there is never a record of a Dwarf, Blood Orc, Green Orc, or Dark Elf being affected by the disease in a negative way.


  • It is speculated that the word "algandars" is derived from the word "algae", as the effects of the disease in Light Elves looks very similar to that of algae growing on their body.


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