"Even as he was dying, he thought only of the love he held for his queen and the sorrow that death would soon tear them apart. Whatever terrible things may happen, even if sorrow is brought to the elves, he will never regret having loved this woman. And if only they make it their mission to do so, the time will come when elves and humans will conquer algandars together."
— Mikey
Algandars Castle

Algandars Castle is a location in Radiata Stories. Located in the southwest corner of the Septem Region, it is an ancient, abandoned castle that used to be the home of the fabled elf king and his human queen.

After exploring the castle with Mikey on the nonhuman path, Jack learns the story behind the castle. The elf king was very powerful and was said to be able to even control natural phenomena. He fell in love with a human woman whom he then married and bore his child, which is said to be the very first dark elf. Because of this, the elf king became infected with a strange disease that later killed him. This is known as the Algandars Plague. The castle was sealed up with magic and has since been abandoned.

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