"A distorted world gives birth to distorted creatures. But who is it that is distorted? Us, or you?"

Almuna is a world structure accessible from Dragon Lair Cave. It is a distorted parallel world of Radiata. It is made up of at least 24 floors and features the Shrine of Fray and Distortion Corridor where, according to Cairn Russell, anything goes.

The Vareth Magic Institute seems to have access to this world. Ardoph got orbs from someone on the 23th floor named Eastella and a book named Level 24 of the Parallel Physical World: The Structure of Almuna can be found in the President's Office in the Institute. Lezard Valeth has also gained access Almuna. He seeked to reach the 24th floor, that he has dubbed Radical, to gain even more power.

The 24th floor, or Radical is home to Valkyrie, Gabriel Celeste and the Ethereal Queen. To gain access you need the Boundary Crest found in the Shrine of Fray, likely on the 23rd floor.

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