Written Request
Beasts by the Bridge





3000 Dagols

Map Location

Dorse Region-Adien Region


"Monsters at the construction site are being a problem. Please get rid of them!"
—Written Request

Beasts by the Bridge is a solo mission you can take after the Crocogator mission with Jarvis. It is one of three jobs you can take right after the Crocogator mission, the other two being Smilodon Fang Request and A Masterpiece of Fantasy. Once you pick the request up from Thanos you head for Dorse Region-Adien Region to speak with Elef, Ryan, and Hip. After a cutscene you begin your battle. You will be fighting four Trent and a King Serpent, the serpent will be level 31. Once the battle is completed there will be another short cutscene with the construction group, when that is completed talk to Thanos for your pay.

Job DescriptionEdit

Get rid of the beasts by the bridge construction site so we can do our job! The bridge ain't building itself!


After the mission is over keep checking back at the construction site (around the time of Jack's promotion) and talking to Elef until he complains about needing the spare Bridge Blueprints. Head to the Peaceful Pony Inn in the White Town of Stars and Faith and talk to Virginia and return the blueprints to Elef, this will allow you to recruit Elef, Ryan, and Hip later on.