Black Goblin

Black Goblins live in the Goblin Haven up in the Sediche Region. They're a bit crazy and have a love for mushrooms. They also make a very strange soup which Lufa, a Dark Elf, likes. According to the Green Goblins, Black Goblins were created long ago when two Green Goblins went on an exploration, they ate so many toadstools, they got sick, and somehow changed their DNA makeup and pigment turning them green to black, they got too confused to find there way home, and made Goblin Haven in the Sediche Region.

Known Black GoblinsEdit

Enemy Stats (Human Path only)Edit

Defeating a Black Goblin has a 1% chance of getting a Moon Stone Chip. Experience is usually around 554 and the dagol reward is about 25. (Please note that these figures can change depending on your characters' luck scores and any items you might be carrying.)

In battle, black goblins have partial immunities to poison, blind and death. They cannot be confused. (Perhaps because they constantly spend their lives being confused.)

Level HP Strength Defence Evasion Luck
26 1235 130 76 211 185

Moves Element Range Power Other
Head Strike Earth Mid 1.0 --
Jump Strike Earth Mid 1.2 --

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