Ganz under the effects of blind.

Blind is one of the possible afflictions to be caught in battle. When blinded, your attacks will miss more often and your Evasion and Luck will go to 0. When someone is blinded, a mosaic appears in front of their eyes.

Blind will remain even after the battle, so be sure to heal any party members before running in to more enemies. Blind will end after 30 seconds.

Curing and Preventing BlindEdit

Eye Drops, Sage and Cleansing Stones will cure blinded allies. Invincibility Medicine can protect you against blind for 60 seconds.

Skill-wise, Prevent Blind is good if you're about to face an opponent you know is strong with blind. Stop Afflictions or Status Cure is better if you're uncertain or about to face an opponent that inflicts multiple afflictions.

The armors Absolute Guard, Robot Suit and Demon Mail resist all afflictions, including blind.

Inflicting BlindEdit

Mustard Powder is the only item capable of inflicting blind, but the following weapons have a chance of leaving an enemy with it: Muramasa, Bisenosafune and Kotetsu.

The skill Bad Carrier will randomly inflict an ailment on your opponent, including blind.

Party Members with Blind AttacksEdit

Of the people you can recruit, the following have attacks that can inflict blind: Adina & Grigory

Enemies that can Inflict BlindEdit

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