Bridge Blueprints

Bridge Blueprints


"A bridge blueprint requested by Elef. The bridge will enable access between the Adien region and the southeastern part of the Dorse region."
—Details Window

The Bridge Blueprints will be requested by Elef any time after you complete the Beasts by the Bridge request. After Elef asked you to get them, go to the Peaceful Pony Inn in Radiata City near the Heliforde Gate and speak to Virginia, the owner. She'll hand over the blueprints without any fuss, so take them back to Elef.

The Beasts by the Bridge quest must be done before you meet Parsec in Vancoor Square in order to receive the blueprints as the bridge will be completed after that event.

Returning the blueprints enables the player to add Elef, Hip, and Ryan to their friends' list after meeting with Parsec.