A Bubu

The Bubu is an enemy that you see regularly in the beginning of the game, as it is found in the Aiden and Dova regions. After the split, you can only find this creature if you're on the Human Path, as that area is taken over by human enemies on the Nonhuman Path.

Bubus are of the earth element. It has a 75% resistance to Poison and 50% resistance to Death.

Upon defeating a Bubu, you will receive approximately 29 experience and 220 dagols. You also have a 5% chance of receiving a Cure Needle. (Please note, this may change depending on your party's luck scores and any items you're wearing.)

Level HP Strength Defence Evasion Luck
5 130 37 19 35 69

Moves Element Range Power Other
Charge -- Short 1.0 Break Parry
Sneeze -- Short 0.2 Paralyze (1.5)
Lay Down -- -- -- --

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