Written Request
Build That Body





Paid Accordingly

Map Location

Faucon Gate


"Join my trainees in a duel to test the results of their training."
—Written Request

Build That Body is a solo mission you can after the Earth Dragon is slayed. Jack faces of against Vitas, Alvin, Miranda and Achilles in one on one matches.

Job DescriptionEdit

We are looking for someone to battle against in order to test the progress of our training. Wanted: A strong warrior.


  • Once completed you will be able to duel Vitas in her room while she is training. If you win she'll be added to the Friends List.
  • Once completed have Miranda heal you on three different days and she will be added to your Friends List.
  • As with all solo mission, Build That Body needs to be completed to recruit Thanos during the Human Path.

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