Carl's Pub is a bar located in Vancoor Square behind Theater Vancoor. It is run and owned by Giske and employs Yuri. A part time employee is also wanted with thick skin who can put drunks in their place.

Their number one dish is Fried Blauniebel.

The pub's regular customers include Eugene, Herz, Jasmine, and Jarvis. The latter two always seem to be behind on paying their tab.

A missing cat poster for Sir Michrlangelo can be found.

Ganz's Fall

While feeling depressed about being fired from the Royal Radiata Knights he visited the pub before trying out for Theater Vancoor saying he needed a pick-me-up. After being tossed out by Giske, Jarvis insulted Ganz causing Jack Russell to fight with him to defend his former captain.

After Jack finished introducing himself to the pubs customers and Ganz finished two drinks they proceeded to Vancoor where Ganz failed the entrance test citing the drinks as the cause.

Items in this area: There is a Cement Powder in the back right corner. Kick the keg behind the table.