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Robe of Order, Elephant Crest


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Olacion Order


Clive is a follower of the Olacion Order that joins the Rose Cochon Brigade for their first mission, to escort a dwarf trader to Radiata Castle.

Rose CochonEdit

Clive met up with the Rose Cochon on their way to Lupus Gate. Upon meeting he immediately told the brigade that he was new to the order and could do nothing yet. While the brigade waited in Earth Valley for the trade goods to be prepared, Clive stayed at Dyvad's house. Once the shipment was prepared and the brigade left the Valley to return to the Radiata Castle, Clive let Gob sneak up behind the group and take Donovitch hostage.

Once the group got past the Goblin Trio and reached the castle, Clive felt like he had not done much except say "Yup". Ganz Rothschild assured him that he had been vital to the mission (though he was lying).


Clive joins your party automatically at the start of the Dwarf Escort mission. Later he automatically joins your Friends List after you join Theater Vancoor.

Friends BookEdit

A follower of the Olacion Order. Known as a prodigy in his hometown, he entered the priest guild in hopes of becoming a doctor. He was stunned when he discovered people brighter and more skilled than he. However, he is now working hard to catch up to his rivals. He is generally very laid back and does things at his own pace.


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
1 77 30 38 17 25
25 626 79 95 60 73
50 1198 130 155 104 124
75 1770 181 214 149 175
99 2319 230 272 192 223


12:00am-7:10am Clive's House
7:10am-8:25am Travels to Olacion Order Chapel
8:25am-10:20am Olacion Order Chapel
10:20am-11:20am Travels to Radiata Castle Information
11:20am-1:10pm Information
1:10pm-2:10pm Travels to White Town of Stars and Faith
2:10pm-6:15pm White Town of Stars and Faith
6:15pm-9:30pm Path of Swords and Wisdom
9:30pm-10:25pm Travels to Clive's House
10:25pm-12:00am Clive's House

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