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Forest Metropolis


Dark Elf

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Leaf Clothes, Luck Bracelet


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Fireball, Lightning

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Coco is a recruitable character in Radiata Stories. He is a withdrawn Dark Elf who enjoys sitting by the fireplace in the Forest Metropolis. Although reserved around most people, he looks up to and is comfortable with the Light Elf leader, Lord Zane.


Coco is first seen bursting into Lord Zane's House following Jack and Ridley's reunion in the City of Flowers. He informs Zane and the humans that Lord Cepheid has been killed by the humans while Gil had been sent to invade Fort Helencia. Zane then commands Coco to send all elf forces to Fort Helencia in order to ensure that their assault is successful, to which Coco quickly complies.

After the strategy meeting with Parsec occurs, Lord Zane assigns Coco to guide Jack and Ridley to Goblin Haven in order to "fulfill their destinies". Upon arriving at Goblin Haven, Coco explains that the horrible stench comes from the fried toadstools that the goblins cook. He informs Jack and Ridley that the toadstools make the goblins sick, but they continue to eat them anyways. Afterwards, Coco returns to Fort Helencia, stating that he hates the smell.

Friends BookEdit

Coco is a young dark elf who always wears a blank expression on his face. Some people worry about him, but it's just his natural expression. He walks away when people begin talking to him, but that is because he is shy and not used to conversing with others. Once he opens up to you, he is willing to talk, sometimes.


  • According to the official strategy guide, he looks up to Lord Zane and Lord Zane watches over him.

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Fireball Attack Fire Long Blaze 1.0
Lightning Attack Wind Long N/A


Name Element Description Effect
Leaf Clothes None N/A
Luck Bracelet None Luck +5


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
26 515 121 110 99 74
50 1401 182 169 171 81
75 2324 247 231 246 90
99 3211 308 291 318 98
Skill Skill Level
Fire Defense *
Thought Process
Passive > Brave > Brave

Kick Duel StatsEdit

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Coco 861 278 Cooling Spray


Coco is rather mediocre in comparison to the other Dark Elf mages. His attack list is the exact same as both Marsha and Mikey, both of whom also lack healing spells, also making them less useful than other mages such as Rika or Romaria. However, Marsha and Mikey both also have higher stats overall than Coco, ranking him even lower than the two of them. Besides when he is forced into your party for the Goblin Haven mission, he will most likely be overlooked and overshadowed by other Dark Elf mages.



Level Timing
21 Gawain's Visit to Fort Helencia


Step 1 Talk to him when you have nobody else is in your party.


Before The SplitEdit

12:00am-12:00am Forest Metropolis 1st Floor

After The Split (Fairy Path)Edit

12:00am-12:00am Fort Helencia Shelter


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