Ganz under the effects of confusion.

Confuse is one of the possible afflictions to be caught in battle. When confused, you will suddenly have trouble directing your character, you won't be able to use any items and you may attack allies just as much as you attack enemies. When someone is confused, little pink and purple gorilla-like forms will dance around their head.

Confusion can be ended by a good, solid hit from another person on the field, or after 20 seconds. Confusion will automatically end at the end of a battle.

Confuse is an unusual status affliction in that it can be caused by an opponent attacking you from behind and catching your party off guard. If this happens, the whole party will start the battle confused.

Curing and Preventing ConfuseEdit

Mint Drops, Sage and Cleansing Stones will cure confused allies. Invincibility Medicine can protect you against confuse for 60 seconds.

Skill-wise, Prevent Confuse is good if you're about to face an opponent you know is good with confuse. Stop Afflictions or Status Cure is better if you're uncertain or about to face an opponent that inflicts multiple afflictions.

The accessory Divine Earring will keep you from being confused by an ambush, so you won't start any battles confused.

The armors Absolute Guard, Robot Suit and Demon Mail resist all afflictions, including confuse.

Inflicting ConfuseEdit

Panic Powder is the only item capable of inflicting petrify, but the one-handed sword Hatred Edge, can inflict it on an opponent.

The skill Bad Carrier will randomly inflict an ailment on your opponent, including confuse.

If you can catch an enemy off guard on the road, by kicking them before they know you're there, you may begin the battle with your opponents already confused.

Party Members with Confuse AttacksEdit

Of the people you can recruit, the following have attacks that can inflict confuse: Adina, Anastasia, Charlie, Dwight, Elena, Flora, Giske, Gregory, Herz, Ortoroz, Paul, Tony, Aesop, Gruel, Lin, Monki

Enemies that can Inflict ConfuseEdit