Cooling Spray


removes blaze from one character


60 Dagols (sell for 30)



Map Location

See below


"A tiny fire extinguisher. Water element ore powder extinguishes and cools fire. Cools burns, too."
—Details Window

Cooling Spray is a common medicinal item that can be used to get rid of Blaze.


Blade Pharmacy, Gabe's Shop, Mint

Map LocationsEdit

Radiata Castle 4F, Theater Vancoor, Moon Tower, Club Vampire, Tria Village, Dichett/Dorse Bridge, Dichett region, Desneuf region, Dwarf Tunnels

Battle DropsEdit

Blood Orc B, Coco, Daniel, Fire Cell, Flame Ant, Flame Lizard, Garcia, Joaquel, Lily, Shin, Skullhead

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