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White Town of Stars and Faith





Physical description



Monk's Robe, Protect Shell


Nine Lives


Left Jab, Right Straight, Twisting Kick

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Olacion Order


Cosmo is a priest of the Olacion Order. Coming from a devout family of believers, no one was surprised when he entered the priest guild. He trains hard and has become a very skilled monk. His thoughts are always with the gods. His deeply held religious beliefs govern his every word and deed.




Speak to Cosmo

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Left Jab Attack None Short A light left jab. None
Right Straight Attack None Short A right straight to finish off the jab combo. None
Twisting Kick Attack None Short A spin followed by a thrusting kick. A fairly powerful attack. None


Name Element Description Effect
Monk's Robe None A robe worn by the monks of the Olacion Order. Made from death clover cocoons, it is fairly high in defense. None
Protect Shell None A magical bangle made at the Vareth Magic Institute. Increases defense when equipped. Defense + 2


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
15 302 86 84 77 89
25 632 110 111 88 96
50 1459 171 179 118 116
75 2286 232 247 147 136
99 3080 290 313 176 154
Skill Skill Level
Nine Lives

Thought Process
Passive > Brave > Brave

Kick Duel StatsEdit

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Cosmo 150 286 Herb Extract


Cosmo is your typical fighter. He is part of the monk faction of the Olacion Order. While he learns no healing spells, his AI prevents this from being a bad thing. He has fair to high HP and defense, while his strength falls lower on the spectrum. His fighting style is that of a 3-hit combo. The first two hits connect very quickly while the third his has a small lag before it connects. The entire combo causes pretty good damage, and he has the HP to stay in the fray without worry. Cosmo is a great character to use in the beginning and throughout the game.


12:00am-7:10am Cosmo's House
7:10am-7:55am Travels from Cosmo's House to Cosmo's Room
7:55am-12:25pm Cosmo's Room
12:55pm-1:20pm Travels to Confessional
1:20pm-3:10pm Confessional
3:10pm-3:35pm Travels to Olacion Order Chapel
3:35pm-6:50pm Olacion Order Chapel
6:50pm-7:00pm Travels to Olacion Order Shrine
7:00pm-10:50pm Olacion Order Shrine
10:50pm-11:20pm Travels to Cosmo's House
11:20pm-12:00am Cosmo's House

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