Written Request
Creatures of the Sewer





5,000 Dagols

Map Location

Path of the Spider


"A strange moaning sound is coming from the sewers. Find out what is going on."
—Written Request

Creatures of the Sewer is a solo mission you can take after the Large Man in Vancoor Square cutscene. Once you pick the request up from Thanos you go to the Theater Vancoor Basement 2nd Floor and go into the Cells. Go into Cell 05 and down the ladder to the Path of the Spider, once you are in explorer the sewers to the right side of the screen until you find a circular room with multiple doors. When you enter the right door a short cutscene will trigger. Once it is done continue down the tunnel until you find a giant monster, the Mud Ponbabar. It will be level 31 and have a gaggle of Mud Pawn with it. Once your battle is over return to Thanos for your pay.

Job DescriptionEdit

Strange moaning can be heard from the sewers lately. Please Investigate this for the safety of the civilians.


After you beat the Mud Ponbabar, you can recruit Tony. Just talk to him.

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