The Cuatour Region is one of the thirteen regions that surround Radiata City, and it connects to the northern part of the city via the Faucon Gate. The Cuatour Region is connected to the Nowem Region in the north-west and the Elf Region in the north-east. The Cuatour Region contains Fort Helencia in the middle, cutting off direct access between the Elf and Nowem Regions and Radiata City, unless you're a Radiata Knight (pre-split only), or a member of the non-human faction (post-split only).

The only item that can be found in this region is the Knight Edge. Items found inside Fort Helencia can before on that page. Before the split, Louis can be found at the back of Fort Helencia, as well as a Healing Ring.

There is a Transportation Pig behind Fort Helencia, as well as a Training Dummy.

Map of this region:

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