Cure Needle


cure paralyze from one character


60 Dagols (sell for 30)



Map Location

See below


"A magical needle used for medical purposes. Applied to a pressure point, the muscles relax and paralysis is cured."
—Details Window

A common medicinal item that cures one character of Paralyze.


Radiata Castle Supply Store, Louis, DwarFun General Store, Blade Pharmacy, Gabe, Faid General Store

Map LocationsEdit

Radiata Castle Storeroom, Path of Swords and Wisdom, Vancoor Infirmary, Aiden region, Dysett region (x3), City of Flowers

Battle DropsEdit

Brood, Bubu, Burglar A & B, Butch, Chatt, Eon, Few, Giga Hopper, Hollywoody, Mud Pawn, Pararat, Ripple Bat, Skypulsar

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