Dragon Lair Cave is a post-game bonus dungeon in Radiata Stories. It is located in the northeast area of the world map, and can only be accessed via Journey Pig statue. Distortion Corridor and Shrine of Fray are also accessed from within Dragon Lair Cave. Inside, they player will face all four elemental dragons. Once defeated a fifth dragon, Radian, appears to battle the player.

When Jack Russell first arrives in Dragon Lair Cave someone or something used Jack's own mouth, much to Jack's displeasure, to inform Jack that they same gods that created Radiata also created Dragon Lair Cave and that it is a place for fun and challenge.

Initially, there are four paths to explore, each leading to an elemental dragon. Once Baade, Cepheid, Kelvin and Parsec are defeated, a fifth path will appear, leading to Radian. After Radian has been defeated, the player will be able to warp to Distortion Corridor by choosing the option to "Proceed" when trying to exit Dragon Lair Cave.

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