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Olacion Order Priestess



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Robe of Order, Pluto's trophy

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Adina's twin sister / Nalshay's sister


Olacion Order


Elena is a priestess of the Olacion Order . She and her twin sister, Adina , serve Anastasia and are always found by her side. She was brought up to be an elite doctor specifically to provide medical care to the Ryans. She is very talkative and has a violent temper. She would give her life for Anastasia.




  1. Tell Nalshay in Morfinn's Clinic 2nd Floor about your adventure with the Crocogator.
  2. On a separate day, tell Nalshay about the Vareth Magic Institute's rat problem.
  3. On a separate day, tell Nalshay about your search for a Smilodon Fang.
  4. Talk to Elena.


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Poison Gas Attack None Long Throws poison powder at the foe. It poisons most of the foes in the area. Poison 2.0
Fog of Chaos SE Attack None Long

Circular AOE

A celestial miracle creates a creepy fog that confuses the foe. Confuse 3.0
Recovery Ray SE Restore None N/A A prayer that heals party members slightly. The epitome of priest guild skills. Restores 40% of Target's Maximum HP
Waving Wind SE Attack None Long

Circular AOE

A prayer releases a wind of fear. All foes enveloped in this wind become cursed. Curse 3.0


   23pm: At home in City of Stars and Faith  
    3am: Leaves home        
    4am: Visits her brother Nalshay at Morfinn's Clinic 2F
    6am: Leaves Morfinn's Clinic  
    7am: Arrives at Anastasia's Room  
    8am: Departs to go shopping  
   10am: Arrives at OK Hand Accessories
   Noon: Leaves to go back to the Shrine
    2pm: Returns to Anastasia's Room
    3pm: Leaves to run errand for Anastasia
    6pm: Shops for Anastasia's beauty supplies at Waldo General Goods  
    7pm: Leaves Waldo        
    9pm: Drops off Anastasia's beauty supplies, escorts her home
   10pm: Drops off Anastasia at home
   11pm: Arrives home



  • Elena, when seen off-duty at night, will be wearing a high white collar and pink cloak with her hair still in her french braids. Seeing this is rare unless you knock on her door at a late hour or during the date.
  • Although they are essentially indistinguishable during the day, Adina and Elena dress considerably differently at night.

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