The Elf Region is one of the thirteen regions that surround Radiata City, although it is not directly connected to Radiata. The Elf Region is connected to the Cuatour Region to the west. The Elf Region contains the City of Flowers, the home of the light elves and Genius Weissheit's home, which you can't actually enter.

Items that can be found in this region are an Herb Extract, two Luck Berries, an Analysis Ball, a Sage and the event item Evening Bloom. Items inside the City of Flowers can be found on its page. (Please note, if you chose the human path, you will never be able to enter the City.

In the very most northern section of the map, in the swamp, is where the Tsuchinoko, an extremely rare and much sought-after monster, will appear when it is in this region.

If the Human path is chosen, following the defeat of the Wind Dragon, the Elf region along with the Cuatour region will eventually become inaccessible.

Maps of this region:Edit

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