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Room 103 of Teagle Apartments, Blue Town of Water and Wisdom



Physical description





Vareth Uniform


Prevent Poison


Frozen Sword lv.1, Frozen Sword Lv.2, Frozen Sword Lv.3

Hair Color


Eye Color



Vareth Magic Institute


Faraus is a recruitable character in Radiata Stories. He was once part of the Olacion Order but left for the Vareth Magic Institute.


Talk to Faraus in Vareth's Infirmary and he will mention that he can't find his text book and that it is probably at the Olacion Order. Talk to Kain, get the book back to Faraus and he will be added to the Friend List.

Friend ListEdit

Born into a family of doctors. He studied medicine at the Olacion order until he realized the imprecision of the art. He entered the mage guild to try to make medical treatment available to the general public. Basically a gentlemen, he can become arrogant to those he regards as his inferior.

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Frozen Sword Lv. 1 Attack Water Long Then temperature of the air drops to create an ice sword. Freeze 1.0
Frozen Sword Lv. 2 (3 Hits) Attack Water Long The temperature of the air drops to create an ice sword. Freeze 1.0
Frozen Sword Lv. 3 (5-Hits) Attack Water Long The temperature of the air drops to create an ice sword. Freeze 1.0


Name Element Description Effect
Atmis Water Faraus's staff. He can cast Frozenith Sword, a spell that produces swords of ice. None
Vareth Uniform Water Uniform of the Vareth Magic Institute. It is the envy of all mage trainees. Uniform enthusiasts are extremely fond of the design. None


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
9 165 58 70 38 41
25 587 92 117 70 66
50 1248 146 191 121 106
75 1909 200 265 172 145
99 2543 251 337 222 183
Skill Skill Level
Prevent Poison

Thought Process
Brave > Brave > Passive

Kick Duel StatsEdit

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Faraus, Apprentice, Light Guardsman (x2) 124 225 Toadstool Powder


Faraus is the first water elemental character you can recruit. His stats are average to low with the exception being Defense. He is a long ranged character so he will stay out of the way. Depending on preference, it should be noted that unlike Stone Javelin, Frozen Sword does not knock the enemy down. This saves time in minor battles.

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