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Fernando's House, Olacion Order Shrine, White Town of Stars and Faith





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"Nothing happens that is not the will of the gods Celesta and Ethereal"

Fernando is an elderly member of the Olacion Order, and has recently become the leader of the Old Faction of the Olacion Order.

Fernando created the Old Faction in order to oppose the New Faction of the Olacion Order(headed by Anastasia Ryan), which he considers greedy and materialistic.

Edgar has been his biggest fan ever since he saw Fernando fight. Edgar has even gone as far as watching Fernando through the window of his room in the Olacion Order Chapel and wearing Fernando's Worn Belt.

Although past middle-age, Fernando is seen wandering the town both very early and very late, and he is frequently meditating or practicing his martial skills.

Friends BooksEdit

Archbishop of the Olacion Order. His life has been based on the teachings of the priest guild since he was a young boy. He acts in accordance with the voice of the gods in his head; his faith borders on fanaticism. He is on bad terms with Anastasia, who is trying to stregthen her faction by establishing herself as a faith healer.


To recruit Fernando you must recruit all the members of his faction (Edgar, Flora, Achilles, Vitas, Miranda, Alvin, and Godwin), then wait a day, speak to him and then fight him.

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