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City of Flowers


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Grass Clothes, Power Stone


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Sword of Ice, Projection Bash

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Few is a recruitable character in Radiata Stories. She is a Light Elf scholar living in the City of Flowers while she performs her research.

Friends BookEdit

A light elf scholar who began her research after realising the light elves had not progressed in any way since her birth. Perhaps it is because she is a scholar, but she is unusual among light elves in that she does not look down upon other races. She is absorbed in her work, devoting herself to it as if there was no tomorrow.

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Sword of Ice Attack Water Long Freeze 1.0
Projection Bash Attack Wind Long None


Name Element Description Effect
Grass Clothes Wind Made from cross plant seedlings. So light, you will forget you are wearing them. Resists Instant Death; Strongly Resists Poison, Freeze, Blaze, and Confuse


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
20 395 100 99 78 45
25 567 115 111 87 53
50 1427 193 173 135 94
75 2287 270 234 183 135
99 3113 345 294 230 174
Skill Skill Level
Luck Plus *
Thought Process
Brave > Brave > Timid


Few is a weaker version of Gil. She shares his same spells, but her versions shoot single projectiles rather than multiple ones, giving her less area-of-effect damage but the same ability to shoot projectiles rapid-fire and cause Freeze in the process. Lower stats than Gil further reduce her damage output, but her Power Stone - a rare accessory on the Non-Human path and a valuable one given the lack of non-human healers - gives your party extra survivability as you wander long dungeons.

Recruitment Edit


  • Level: 15+
  • Location: After the split. (City of Flowers)


  1. Talk to Few with a Dark Elf, Green Goblin and Black Goblin in your Party. She will then be added to your Friends List.

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