Flee Ball


Ends any non-boss battle


60 Dagols



Map Location

See below


"A mysterious ball that emits a bright light, allowing one to flee a battle. It might not work against stronger foes."
—Details Window

The Flee Ball is a type of item in the Radiata Stories video game used, as the name suggests, to flee from battles. When used, the ball flashes a really bright light to distract the enemy, while the user flees. It is not usable in boss battles, though.


Map LocationsEdit

Radiata Castle Lounge, Club Vampire, Void Community Office, Aiden Region, Dorse/Aiden region, Dorse Region, Dova Region, Nowem Region x2, Tria Region, Dichett Region, Desneuf Region, Dysett Region, Marke's home, Tarkin's home


Carlos, Dwight, Gobblehope IX

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