Fort Helencia is a very famous fort. Fort Helencia was built before the events of Radiata Stories during the last century. It is one of the historical remains from the great human-elf war of the last century. Radiata Kinghts are garrisoned at the fort to watch over the movements of the elves up to the point where the fairy Creatures take over the fort in both story paths.

A Knight Edge can be found in a Treasure Chest near the north entrance. Also, during the Rose Cochon's second mission to deliver a letter to the Light Elves, Louis is selling items near the north entrance.

During the 2nd Human and Non-Human War. The fort was captured by the Non-humans, Thanks to, or despite Jack Russell's intervention. The non-humans held the fort despite numerous attempts by the Radiata Knights to reclaim it.

In the Human Path it is completely impossilble to go anywhere near the Fort outside of a cutscene, or the Elf Region. Because of this, certain items become unobtainable.