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Forest Metropolis


Dark Elf

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Leaf Clothes, Warrior Bangle


Fire Defense


Combo Punch, High Spin Kick, Crescent Kick

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Eye Color



Franz is a Dark Elf who is extremely interested in martial arts. He trains relentlessly day and night and hopes to best the legendary Light Elf warrior, Gil, one day. He was inspired by a monk (implied to be Kain of the Olacion Order) who bested a foe much larger than him. Because Franz had a smaller, weaker frame than other warriors, such a victory inspired him to learn martial arts himself.

Friends BookEdit

A self-proclaimed dark elf martial artist. He once saw a monk with a similar build to his own defeat an opponent many times his size. He has been a devoted practitioner ever since. Though enthusiastic, he tries to do everything his own way and ends up expending great energy to no useful purpose. No one tells him so, because it only makes him mad.

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Combo Punch Attack None Short None
High Spin Kick Attack None Medium Knock Back
Crescent Kick Atack None Short None


Name Element Description Effect
Leaf Clothes None Made from fallen leaves of the Nowem Region. Very light and well-made. None
Warrior Bangle None Strength +10


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
12 290 75 79 32 41
25 781 109 112 81 59
50 1727 175 176 175 96
75 2673 241 240 269 132
99 3582 305 301 359 167
Skill Skill Level

Fire Defense

Thought Process
Brave > Passive > Passive

Kick Duel StatsEdit

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Franz 208 278 Herb Extract


Franz is a decent Dark Elf fighter, but is overshadowed when compared to other fighters such as Serva and Clarence or other close-range characters later on like JJ or Galvados. When compared to Serva and Clarence, who share his attacks, Franz's main downfall is that he has significantly less strength when compared to the other two fighters, and being a hand-to-hand combatant, a low strength coupled with low defense significantly lowers his usability in battle. However, if trained, he can still be a decent party member.



Level Timing
7 Reuniting With Parsec


Step 1 Talk to him.


Before the SplitEdit

Time Location
0:00 Brewery
5:10 Forest Metropolis 1st Floor
6:15 Nowem Region
18:15 Forest Metropolis 1st Floor
19:45 Brewery


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