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As Jack Russell, it is important for you to be the most popular guy in the land. Not only will you get to fill out your massive Friends List, but you'll also be able to take them into battle by adding them to your party at the warrior guild. Some friends you can convince to join your party by striking up a conversation, while others require more effort on your part. Some characters will only agree to be your friend at certain times during the game which can be frustrating. If you can't get a character to join you and you think you should, try leveling up a bit. If the table says to come back later, that usually means that you need to wait a day or rest. Read the list below to make sure you don't miss any of them. Remember, you will have to play through the game twice to collect all characters. After you make your decision to choose the Human Path or Non-Human Path, the other side will no longer join your side.



  • Jack
  • Ganz
  • Ridley


  • Jacks House
  • Radiata Castle
  • Radiata Castle

Conditions to Recruit

  • Start the Game
  • Begin your first mission. He will rejoin your party later if you choose the Non-Human Path.
  • Begin your first mission She will rejoin your party later if you choose the Non-Human Path.

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