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"A letter from the captain. It relates details of his current life and feelings towards his father, Gawain."
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Letter from the captain
Human Path-specific; a letter discovered on the floor of Jack's home after his conversation with Genius down in the sewers. It's basically Ganz's way of saying goodbye and giving Jack permission to kill Gawain, thought Ganz has forgiven his father for everything.

"My friend, Jack.
I hope this finds you well. I trust you remember your old captain, Ganz.
Much has changed for me since we last met. I'm now working for the Void guild. I've been able to find a place for myself here, thanks to my colleagues, Ms. Rynka and Miss Flau. It's taken some time, but I'm starting to learn the ropes... Although the work isn't always easy. It's nothing like our old life in the knights, but I'm doing my best. Life goes on, as they say. It's given me the opportunity to think back on the times we spent together in the brigade.
Jack, there was something I always wanted to discuss with you, but could never bring myself to mention... I've long wanted to talk to you about our fathers. As I'm sure you remember, my father vanished some sixteen years ago. He left immediately after your father died.
At that time, I hated my father for what he'd done, for the shame that he brought upon us. He simply disappeared from our lives, leaving my mother and me alone. But now, somehow, I think I'm finally starting to understand what my father was feeling at the time.
Humans are strange creatures, aren't they, Jack? We have such a short time to live our lives, but in our brief lifetimes, we still find the time to fall in love with one another. On the other hand, perhaps it is precisely because our time in this world is so short that we are able to love other people so completely, and with such astounding conviction. My father was no different, I think. He possessed the same human heart that we all do. I believe that, in spite of everything, my father did love me, as any father loves his child.
Jack, my friend. I will be leaving Radiata soon. I have a very long journey ahead of me. I don't think we will meet again for quite some time. But, if you ever find the man who killed your father, I hope that you will fight him, with all your courage and strength. Even if... Even if that man should be called Gawain Rothschild.
Jack, as your friend, I pray that you will succeed one day, and that your father will be avenged.
Until we meet again...
Your faithful servant, Ganz Rothschild.
—Ganz's Letter

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