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Leading Light Elf assassin.


Gil is a Light Elf warrior and assassin, and the second in command of Lord Zane, the Light Elf leader. He is proud, arrogant, and wise, and cares for his people. Conversely he is bigoted against Humans, believing them weak, arrogant, and ignorant. Despite this, he dislikes war, instead preferring to channel his creative energy into poetry. Gawain's flashbacks in the Fairy Path suggest that Gil was the assassin sent to kill Cairn Russell after he became infected by Algandars, though Gil seems to have respected Cairn as a friend and warrior.

In the Human Path, Gil is one of the first bosses, fighting alongside the Wind Dragon. Jack Russell mortally wounds him, and he finds out that Jack is Cairn's son, commenting on the irony of being slain by his victim's son before dying.

In the Fairy Path, Gil is a recruitable character and one of the leaders of the fairy war effort, attending all of Zane's meetings. Zane sends Gil, Pitt, and Row to assist Jack in capturing Fort Helencia, and Jack wins Gil's approval when they discover Jack has kept his word by trying to capture the fort by himself. They join together to defeat Leonard and Natalie's group of knights before beginning another assault on the fort.

Gil and Zane find out during the meeting with Parsec that Jack is Cairn's son, and both are visibly surprised. Gil stares hard at Jack, looking both apologetic and respectful. Gil seems to further respect Jack after this discovery.


Gil in a fight.



  • Level: 32+
  • Location: After the split. (Fort Helencia )


  1. Talk to him and he'll ask to fight you.
  2. Duel and defeat Gil.

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