Gobblehope IX
Gobblehope IX
Biographical information

Goblin Cemetery


Black Goblin

Physical description


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Gobblehope IX is an enemy in Radiata Stories. He is a black goblin that can be found in the Goblin Cemetery of the Dorse Region.

He can be fought pre-split by doing a mission for Thanos at Theater Vancoor in order to obtain the Recruitment Suit. He can be fought during the Nonhuman Side playthrough, by doing a sidequest for the black goblin, Marco. He can also be randomly found during the Human Side playthrough after goblins become common enemies in the Dorse region.


  • Gobblehope's attacks and appearance greatly resemble the undead boss, Akhetamen, from the Valkyrie Profile Series, as they both command the dead, possess magic / lightning attacks, and reside in tombs.

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