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Gonovitch is the Dwarf leader. He lives in the Elder's Residance in Earth Valley. He is first seen during the Rose Chochon's first mission to protect a Donovitch as he rode a cart to Radiata Castle with supplies. When the Rose Chochon enters his home to report their arrival recognizes Ganz Rothschild as Gawain Rothschild's son. He asks Ganz to take a letter to the King of Radiata describing the new prices for the dwarves metal goods and weapons. While the brigade waits for the goods to be prepared, Gonovitch invites them to relax and enjoy the valley's hospitality.

He also requests aid from Theater Vancoor to destroy creatures devouring the ore in the mines, Jack volunteers for this mission and is doubtful of Jack's abilities, as well as astonished when he actually succeeded.

He is presumably killed in the Radiata knights invasion of Earth Valley.

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