Graveyard of the Elves Vertical Panorama
"This is the Graveyard of the Elves. It's a place in which the fates of elves and humans are deeply entwined." -- Genius

The Graveyard of the Elves is a cemetery within the Elf Region which holds the cocoons that house the remains of light elves that have died from the algandars plague. Lord Nogueira is entombed here. The cocoons of the deceased light elves seem to be hanging in a large tree. There appear to be multiple cocoons but only one of them is identified. There is a headstone at the foot of the tree.

This location is not reachable by the player. The only time it is seen is in the cutscene in which Genius brings Ridley to see Lord Nogueira's grave and Lord Zane mourning before it.

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