Green Goblins are Fairy Creatures that live in Shangri La, in the Dorse Region. For the most part, the

Green Goblins

y seem content to laze around all day, not doing much of anything.

Known Green GoblinsEdit

Enemy Stats (Human Path only)Edit


Green Goblin


Defeating a Green Goblin has a 5% chance of getting a Panic Powder. Experience is usually around 514, and you get about 3 dagols. (Please note that these figures can change depending on your characters' luck scores and any items you might be carrying.)

In battle, green goblins have a pretty good immunity to poison and a slight one to death. Green Goblins attacks take a fixed damage of  30 or  50. no matter how high your defense is.

Level HP Strength Defence Evasion Luck
25 1157 128 66 245 132

Moves Element Range Power Other
Diagonal Swing -- Mid 1.0 --
Challenge -- -- -- --

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