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Hap is a Light Elf that appears in Radiata Stories. He dies early-on in the game – see below.


Hap is the light elf messenger sent by Lord Zane in response to the royal message from the Rose Cochon Brigade. Upon returning to Forest Metropolis with Hyann, they were ambushed by two Blood Orcs. The Rose Cochon Brigade quickly came for Hap but they were already too late.

During the fight against the Blood Orc, Ridley was gravely injured, almost losing her life. Lord Nogueira suggested he perform the Transpiritation Ritual on Ridley and Hap, despite not knowing the result of the ritual between a human and an elf, to hopefully save at least one of them. Jack and Ganz agreed, and Lord Nogueira performed the ritual.


Nogueira carrying Hap.

Later in the game, Hap was known to be still living inside Ridley's body. He continues to resist Ridley's body, causing him to take over her body and speak the ancient elven tongue.

Near the end of the game, Hap's spirit gradually integrates into Ridley giving Ridley the knowledge of herself, Hap, humanity, and the ancient elves.


At the end of the battle at Lupus Gate nearing the end of the human path, as Zane is dying of algandars, there is a
small light elf sitting behind him, watching in dismay as the elf leader is encased into a cocoon. This light elf bears a striking resemblence to Hap. Though Hap's body has already been destroyed and his spirit is now integrated with Ridley's, it is unknown whether the elf on the bridge truly is Hap or if the resemblence is merely a coincidence.


  • Hap's name means "chance" or "luck". This may be symbolic considering that Ridley refers to the blood orc incident which left Hap's body killed and Ridley gravely injured as "being in the wrong place at the wrong time".
  • According to the Friend Book entry, it is possible that Hap was close friends with Row.

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