Jasne Colton
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Radiata Castle


Lord Chamberlain



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Ridley Silverlake's father


Radiata Castle


Lord Chamberlain Jasne Colton is Ridley's doting father.

He does not share the Silverlake name because he was married into the family, and only those with Silverlake blood may inherit it.

He is easily recognized by his large red nose and corpulent form.

After Ridley is nearly killed by a Blood Orc while on the her second mission as a knight, Jasne blamed Jack Russell and Ganz Rothschild, and has them both removed from the knights, much to Ridley's dismay. His fate in both paths is rather tragic.

Human Path Edit

He is put through much grief as his daughter runs away, is "kidnapped" by the non humans, is placed under house arrest, and has his daughter eventually killed by The Silver Dragon(ironically his closest adviser Lucian, who, even after his house arrest, still supported him).

Fairy Path Edit

His tragic fate is much more straightforward. He is killed along with all the other citizens of Radiata in the massacre that follows the Golden Dragon's awakening.

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