Biographical information

City of Flowers


Light Elf

Physical description



Grass Clothes


Prevent Bind


Forest Drop, Leaf Barrier, Light Bow

Hair Color



Owns an accessory shop.


"Keane is the light elf owner of the accessory shop in the light elf village. She opened her store to advertise the excellent quality of elf-made items. Though she feels that elves are superior, she harbors no particular prejudices towards other races. She is always happy to get her customers' opinions to improve her shop and its merchandise."
—Friends Page Description

A Light Elf who runs a shop out of Fort Helencia. She's the rival of the Dark Elf shopkeeper Marsha. Later in the game (Fairy Path), Jack Russell will be asked to decide between Marsha and Keane in order to figure out which one of them should open a store in Fort Helencia. Finally, both Marsha and Keane will open their shops, as Marsha competes with low prices and Keane competes with quality.


Hours: 04:20-22:00

Item Name Price (in dagols)
Saint's Trophy 2400
Divine Earring 6000
Pluto's Trophy 20,000
Beckoning Cat 20,000
Training Device 50,000
Book of Health 8000
Book of Pegasus 2800


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Forest Drop Restore None N/A Restores 20% of Target's Maximum HP
Leaf Barrier Attack Wind Short None
Light Bow Attack None Long Higher Knockback than any other light elf's version


Name Element Description Effect
Grass Clothes Wind Made from cross plant seedlings. So light, you will forget you are wearing them. Resists Instant Death; Strongly Resists Poison, Freeze, Blaze, and Confuse


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
18 364 90 93 67 65
25 578 109 111 86 75
50 1346 177 178 154 112
75 2113 245 245 223 148
99 2850 310 309 289 183
Skill Skill Level
Prevent Bind *
Thought Process
Passive > Passive > Passive


Keane is a fairly average Light Elf in most respects. Her stats are average, her spells are typical, and her skill is decent but uninteresting. However, her Leaf Barrier can hit twice rather than most light elves', which only hits once, and her version of the Light Bow has greater knockback than any other elf's. Her parameters are solidly average rather than disappointingly so and she can heal, which is a rare skill on the non-human path. While not the greatest of the elves, she is at least a little bit different from the norm and can be a valuable addition to the party.


Level: 13
Timing: Reuniting with Parsec

  1. Spend 10,000 dagols at her shop
  2. Speak to her

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