Kelvin in the Dragon Lair Cave

Kelvin of Chasms and Churning Seas is the Water Dragon, and the protector of the Orcs. Jack Russell's father, Cairn Russell, fought and defeated Kelvin sixteen years before the events of the game took place.

Before the events of Radiata Stories, Kelvin appeared due to the humans imblancing of the Cosmic Order of Tottaus. Cairn understood what the dragon's appearance meant, but chose to defend humanity. During the battle, Cairn fought valiantly with his sword, the Arbitrator, but became infected with Algandars. After the battle was won, Cairn was assassinated by Gil.

Dragon Lair CaveEdit

Once either storyline has been completed, Jack and his party can face Kelvin and the other dragons in the Dragon Lair Cave. When defeated Kelvin says "I am but a mere cog. My duty is done. It is time for you to do your duty." When the other three elemental dragons are defeated as well, the player can face Radian. Once the Ethereal Queen is beaten, the Dragon Lair Cave is entirely reset.

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