Key to Repository

Key to Repository


"An ugly staff with a picture of Anastasia's face on it. It is actually a key to a hidden vault."
—Details Window

A funny-shaped staff.
At any point after completing the Crocogator's Skin quest, speak to Anastasia in her room between 14:15 and 21:00. She'll tell you about her missing key. Talk to Lulu to find out it was thrown away, then speak to Zeranium to find that he sold it to Thyme, who's about to but it up to sell in his shop. Buy the key for 10,000 Dagols and return it to Anastasia to win her friendship.
After completing this quest, the staff will appear next to an indent on the right side of Anastasia's room. Kicking it will open a treasure room. There's nothing in there for you, but it's a nice look at Anastasia's greed. (As if you didn't already know.)

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