Leonard Ford
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Radiata Castle





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6'2" (191 cm)

Hair Color

Dark Brown

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Room leader


Radiata Knights


A Royal Radiata Knight, Leonard is a room leader of one of the trainee Knight rooms. He looks and acts 10 years older then his actual age of 21, and gets annoyed when Jack refers to him as "Pops". He takes good care of the newbies and teaches them everything there is to know about life in the castle. He can be a brusque, but he is down to earth and friendly.

Biography Edit

Leonard is one of the first characters Jack meets at Radiata Castle, where he explains a bit about the Radiata Knights. He is frequently seen with Natalie. The two of them secretly watch over Ridley at Lord Jasne's request.

Human Path Edit

Leonard is a possible party member. He and Natalie camp in front of Fort Helencia to try and bring Ridley home, and when she does emerge, she is in the company of Lord Zane and Gawain. They attack, but Gawain beats them, leaving them with minor injuries.

Fairy Path Edit

When Jack attempts to capture Fort Helencia, Leonard and Natalie interrogate him, and are subsequent boss battles. Leonard is knocked unconscious while Natalie stalls for reinforcements, and Leonard and Natalie are again defeated when Jack is reinforced by the light elves Gil, Pitt, and Row. As they retreat, Leonard accuses Jack of turning against his own kind. Later after the skirmish at Fort Helencia, Ridley tells Leonard and Natalie to apologize to her father for her. Which Leonard retorts to Natalie that it sounded like a farewell.



Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck Resistance Growth
13 403 84 85 37 53 None Slow