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Vaise, Arabum


Assassin Suit

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Assassin name is Vice (White Princess)


Void Community


Lily is an assistant trainee leader of the Void Community and trains under Iris.


Friend ListEdit

Assistant trainee leader of the Void Community. She came to the bandit guild after fleeing from her malevolent parents. She trains under Iris and is given the assassin name Vice (White Princess). She has few interests and always seems to be kind of dazed. She lacks motivation and doesn't usually act until told to do so.

Before the SplitEdit

Lily can normally be found wandering around the Black Town of Night and Lust or inside the Void Community. However, before recruiting her, Lily is on a mission to assassinate the head of Theatre Vancoor, Elwen. She lurks outside the room where Elwen prays in the Path of the Spider. If Jack talks to her while she is outside, she challenges you to a duel. Once Jack wins, she realizes what a fool she was to think that she could beat Elwen and thanks Jack for not getting herself killed.

Human PathEdit

Depending on the players gameplay, she may appear as a date for Jack the Fireworks Festival after choosing the Human Path. Later at the end of the game, depending on gameplay, she can be seen running up to the Radiata Gates to watch Jack leave. This hints at a possible love interest for Jack, although it never gets a true story to develop it afterwords and can be done with any other female (and Charlie).


Rose, who runs the Black Rose General Store, shares Lily's piercing yellow eye color and has the same gruff attitude with strangers, possibly indicating a relation.

In BattleEdit

In battle, Lily is an assassin, or an agile warrior. She uses her double blades, Vaisa and Arabum, to combo her opponents into submission. Her attacks are all wind-based, giving her an advantage over earth elemental foes, but weak against other wind elemental foes. Unlike most other thieves in her guild, however, Lily can't steal.


  • Vaisa

Element: Wind

  • Arabum

Element: Wind

  • Assassin Suit

Element: None


Type Name Element Range
Attack Double Edge Wind Medium
Attack Double Fall Wind Medium
Attack Death Cross Wind Medium



  • Lily's alternative outfit is a pair of short jean shorts, belt, white and purple skull belly shirt, pair of purple glasses and believed striped purple stockings.
  • In the manga, Lily's last name is given as Mirias.
  • Lily is a co-author, along with Arnsland, of the book Psychological Effects of Elemental Experiments.

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