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"Marsha is the owner of the general store in the dark elf village. The little products lined up in her store are things she bought from merchants and travelers. Although she seems to listen to other people's stories, her noncommittal responses suggest she doesn't really pay attention. She is only nice to others because she wants to be liked."
—Friends Page Description


Marsha, seen here behind the counter

She's the rival of the light elf shopkeeper Keane. Later in the game (Fairy Path), Jack Russell will be asked to decide between Marsha and Keane in order to figure out which one of them should open a store in Fort Helencia. Finally, both Marsha and Keane will open their shops, as Marsha competes with low prices and Keane competes with quality.


Marsha runs a shop in Forest Metropolis main room, in front of the kitchen, before the split. After the split, she can be found in room to the right of the door leading out the back of Fort Helencia, slightly behind Vladimir's shop.

Forest MetropolisEdit

Shop Hours: 03:05-20:50

Item Price (in dagols)
Herb Extract 50
Herb Extract S 150
Cure Drop 70
Eye Drops 60
Cure Needle 60
Startle Powder 100
Magma Powder 100
Analysis Ball 40

Fort HelenciaEdit

Pharmacy Hours: 24 Hour

Item Price (in dagols)
Herb Extract 50
Herb Extract S 150
Herb Extract DX 600
Herb Extract MAX 1000
Moon Stone Chip 160
Moon Stone 580
Revival Stone 2000
Sage 300
Cleansing Stone 800
Analysis Ball 40
Panic Powder 80
Celestial Nectar 1600

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Fireball Attack Fire Long And single Fireball erupts from Marsha's palms. Blaze 1.0
Lightning Bolt Attack Wind Long Marsha calls a lightning bolt down to strike the enemy. Bind 1.0


Name Element Description Effect
Leaf Clothes None Light clothes made by Dark Elves from the leaves of the forest. None


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
9 255 70 69 55 47
25 772 122 116 86 89
50 1581 204 191 136 155
75 2390 287 265 186 221
99 3167 366 336 233 285
Skill Skill Level
Prevent Bind

Thought Process
Passive > Brave > Brave

Kick Duel StatsEdit

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Marsha 124 281 Heating Tablet


Marsha is a solid contender especially fresh on the Non-Human Arch when recruiting can be scarce. Although she lacks any form of healing and having the most basic version of Fireball, as opposed to Romaria's triple version, she is fully long ranged and her AI does a good job at keeping her out of trouble. Marsha's best trait is her stat growth. She is the most statistically balanced Dark Elf, aside from Clarence. This greatly increases her survivability.


Level: 4
Timing: Reuniting with Parsec event
Directions: Step 1: Spend 10000 dagols at her accessory shop
Step 2: Talk to Marsha

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