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Mikey is a recruitable character in Radiata Stories. He is a Dark Elf and acts as the Gatekeeper of his race's home, the Forest Metropolis. He works in the Brewery alongside his fellow Dark Elf, Chatt. Unlike the other Dark Elves, he is inexplicably curious about the other races and enjoys reading stories to research Humans alongside other fairy creatures.


Mikey 5

Standing outside the Forest Metropolis.

Before the Split

Mikey is first seen when the Rose Cochon visits the Forest Metropolis in order to gain access to the City of Flowers. He is keeping guard at the gate as the party approaches, but greets Genius when he sees him. When the party's intentions are revealed, Mikey warns them that Lord Nogueira will most likely refuse their request but wishes them luck anyways.

Non-Human PathEdit

After Gawain returns to Fort Helencia, Mikey asks Jack if he believes it is wrong for humans and elves to associate. He explains that Algandars was created when a human woman bore the child of the elf king. Although he doesn't share Lord Zane's hatred for humans, he states that he understands the pain Algandars has caused him, due to his brother's death. Mikey explains that he, unlike most elves, likes everything about humans
Mikey 2

Mikey talking to Jack before leaving for Algandars Castle.

and hopes to find a way for humans and elves to coexist. Thus, he asks Jack to come with him to Algandars Castle to see if they can find a way to rid the world of the Algandars curse.

As Jack and Mikey are exploring Algandars Castle, Mikey comments that the elf king was rumored to be able to control natural phenomena and had incomprehensible power because the world was in balance in his time. Jack is dismayed that humans caused the elves to lose their power, but Mikey assures him that he didn't mean to offend him. Mikey explains that he deciphered ancient documents that mentioned a stone monument in the center of Algandars Castle that may help them in obtaining a cure for the curse.

When the party enters the central chamber, they encounter the Archdemon awaiting them. Mikey explains that it is an old demon mentioned in the ancient documents, but he hadn't believed that it existed. He adds that the demon is immune to physical attacks and that the crystals around it must be destroyed to send it back to where it came from. After the battle, Mikey inspects the stone monument to discover that it is infact a love letter from the elf king to his queen as he died. Jack explains that the pain of leaving the one you love behind is a curse itself, but he should never regret having loved the queen. Both agree that elves and humans must learn to love one another in order to overcome the Algandars curse. Upon returning, Jack thanks Mikey for giving him something to believe in and Mikey gives him the Power Stone in return for his help.

Human Path Edit

Mikey is only seen guarding the entrance to the Forest Metropolis, he barres Jack from entering saying all the Dark Elves hate humans. He is the only Dark Elf that cannot be fought in the human path, saying he doesn't want to fight humans.

Friends BookEdit

A dark elf who loves to read and spends most of his time with books. He reads about elves and other races, and has become very knowledgeable. He particularly like original works, especially those by human authors. He is pretty laid-back most of the time, but if something catches his interest he can get quite excited.

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Fireball Attack Fire Long Blaze 1.0
Lightning Bolt Attack Wind Long N/A


Name Element Description Effect
Leaf Clothes None N/A


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
10 254 66 70 36 29
27 810 117 125 85 54
50 1563 188 199 152 87
75 2381 264 280 225 124
99 3166 337 357 295 160

Skill Skill Level
Wind Defense *

Thought Process
Passive > Brave > Brave

Kick Duel StatsEdit

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Mikey 150 198 Herb Extract


Mikey is a fairly competent Dark Elf mage, but pales in comparison to a handful of other characters. Despite being a mage, Mikey has surprisingly high HP, Attack, Defense and Evasion stats, making him more durable than other mages. However, Mikey's only spells are attack-based. Because the Non-Human Path lacks the healing capabilities of the Human Path, mages that double as healers are dually as important. Therefore, Mikey is often overlooked by other mages such as Rika and Romaria who can cast both attack spells and heal party members efficiently.



Level Timing
22+ Algandars Castle


Step 1 Talk to Mikey when he is reading in the Brewery between 22:05 and 1:55.
Step 2 Offer to tell him a story. Do this once a day for a total of three days.


Time Location
0:00 Brewery
18:15 Forest Metropolis 1st Floor (3)
18:45 Forest Metropolis 1st Floor (2)
21:15 Forest Metropolis 1st Floor (3)
21:45 Brewery


Battle QuotesEdit

  1. "Got one!"
    • When Mikey defeats an enemy
  2. "Ha! How'd you like that!?"
    • When Mikey defeats the final enemy
  3. "Come on!"
    • When Jack is knocked down
  4. "Ow!"
    • When Mikey is knocked down
  5. "This one's tough."
    • When facing an enemy of a higher level
  6. "Is this over yet?"
    • When engaged in a lengthy battle
  7. "Someone's in trouble..."
    • When afflicted with a status ailment

Trivia Edit

Despite the fact that kick duels can be initiated pre-split and in the Fairy path, Mikey is cannot be fought at all in the Human Path, because he doesn't want to fight humans. He instead remains a gatekeeper.

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