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Miranda is a recruitable character in Radiata Stories. She is a priestess of the Old Faction of the Olacion Order, and caretaker of Master Godwin. As such, she chases him throughout Radiata City daily as she worries for his safety. She trains as an apprentice monk under Achilles alongside Vitas and Alvin and is pitted against Jack in the mission Build That Body in order to test the fruits of her training. At any time throughout the day, Miranda can be talked to in order to heal any damage or cure a status ailment Jack is suffering from.

Friends BookEdit

Miranda is a priestess of the Olacion Order. A student of Godwin, she is skilled as both monk and priest. A good girl who cares about others and who believes she has the power to heal everyone. However, her thoughtfulness is sometimes a burden to others.

Game DataEdit


Name Type Element Range Description Effect
Jab Attack None Short

A light left jab. She has considerable strength despite her skinny arms.

Right High Kick Attack None Short

A spin into a high kick to the foe's head, using the momentum of the jab.

Palm of Power Attack None Short

Energy is released from her palm. She can't execute this quite like Godwin yet.

Purified Tears SE Cure None N/A

A prayer releases holy dew from above that cures all afflictions of a party member.

Cures All of Target's Afflictions
Moonlit Heal SE Restore None N/A

Celestial power enhances her natural skills. Light healing of party members.

Restores 20% of Party's Maximum HP


Name Element Description Effect
Nun's Robe None

A robe worn by the nuns of the Olacion Order. It is lighter than the usual robes, resulting in high agility.

Monk Bangle None

A more powerful version of the Protect Shell. Increases defense greatly when equipped.

Defense +10


Level HP Attack Defense Evasion Luck
25 506 125 97 118 124
50 1233 209 172 160 179
75 1960 293 248 203 234
99 2658 373 321 245 288
Skill Skill Level
Defense Plus **
Thought Process
Passive > Passive > Brave

Kick Duel StatsEdit

Party Members EXP Dagols Dropped Items Dropped
Miranda 741 267 Moon Stone Chip


Miranda is competent as both a fighter and a healer. She perfectly balances hand-to-hand combat, while also being able to heal the entire party at once or heal a single party member's status ailments. When compared to Kain, she can hold her own in the fact that they both heal all party members, but Miranda has an edge due to her Purified Tears spell and her extended attack combo. However, Kain has higher stats and a Volty Blast. Either way, both are valuable assets to the party and can hold their own in the Gold Dragon Castle, Dragon Lair Cave and Shrine of Fray.



Level Timing
20 Build That Body!


Step 1 Talk to Miranda when you are injured or suffering from a status ailment and have her heal you.
Step 2 Miranda joins after she has healed you three times, each on a different day.


0:00-5:05 Miranda's Residence
5:05-5:10 Path of Swords and Wisdom
5:10-5:30 White Town of Stars and Faith
5:30-5:40 Olacion Order Shrine
5:40-7:50 Olacion Order Chapel
7:50-8:05 Universal Tree Hallway
8:05-9:15 Godwin's Room
9:15-9:20 Universal Tree Hallway
9:20-9:30 Olacion Order Shrine
9:30-11:10 Castle Gate
11:10-12:35 Blue Town of Water and Wisdom
12:35-12:50 Path of Insanity and Fantacism
12:50-13:05 White Town of Stars and Faith
13:05-14:40 Morfinn's Clinic
14:40-14:55 White Town of Stars and Faith
14:55-17:25 Olacion Order Shrine
17:25-17:45 Universal Tree Hallway
17:45-19:05 Godwin's Room
19:05-19:25 Universal Tree Hallway
19:25-22:00 Olacion Order Shrine
22:00-22:25 White Town of Stars and Faith
22:25-22:35 Path of Swords and Wisdom
22:35-22:55 Miranda's Residence
22:55-23:50 Path of Swords and Wisdom
23:50-0:00 Miranda's Residence


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