RS Parsec

Parsec's more human-like form.

Parsec of Conflagrations and Turmoil is the Fire Dragon and protector of the goblins. He makes several appearances throughout the game, giving Jack Russell fake money to get Jack to help him find Aphelion in Radiata City before the split, to fight Jack on the human side, and to tell Jack the dragons' purpose on the non-human side.

Parsec, in his dragon form, being consumed in Fire Mountain.



Human PathEdit

On the human side Parsec asks for Jack's help once again, this time to get into the castle so that he may talk to Aphelion. After the talk, Parsec kills General Dynas Stone during an attack on Radiata. Cross Ward stabs Parsec while he is distracted by Jack's sadness for Dynas. Injured and not wanting to harm Jack Parsec retreated to Fire Mountain.

Jack and Cross are ordered to persue Parsec and slay him. Once Jack caught up to Parsec in his human form and was surprised when he witnessed his transformation. Once Parsec is defeated and sealed in an orb Lucian gave Jack as a good luck charm, a saddened Jack leaves Fire Mountain with all that remains of his friend; Parsec's Match.

Fairy PathEdit

On the Fairy Path, Parsec explains the Order of Tottaus to Jack and Ridley Silverlake during a strategy meeting in Fort Helencia. He leaves to Radiata Castle to have a talk with Aphelion. After learning that Aphelion no longer wishes to carry out his duty in upholding the Order of Tottaus he leaves. Lucian informs General Dynas that he was the Fire Dragon and orders him to be killed. Royal Radiata Knight and Theater Vancoor troops force Parsec into retreating into Fire Mountain.

Jack tries to save Parsec but is defeated by Cross. Cross then uses the orb Jack got from Kain to seal away Parsec. If it were not for Gawain Rothschild, Cross would have killed Jack as well, assuming Dynas did not stop him in time.

Dragon Lair CaveEdit

Once the player completes either storyline they can face Parsec and the other dragons in the Dragon Lair Cave.

When defeated Parsec says "The weak fade away. It is the law and logic of this world." When the other three elemental dragons are defeated as well the player can face Radian and once the Ethereal Queen is beaten the player can face all the dragons again.


Parsec in the Dragon Lair Cave