Written Request
Please Stop Lord Star





500 Dagols

Map Location

Yellow Town of the Sun and Glory


"Lord Star has taken the Stern heirloom; perhaps he'll do something foolish. Please stop him!"
—Written Request

Please Stop Lord Star is a solo mission you can after the Wind Dragon is slayed in the Human Path. Star E. Stern uses the Robot Suit to turn into RoboStar, a giant robot. Once you beat RoboStar you will get the armor as a battle drop.

Job DescriptionEdit

Lord Star has taken the Stern heirloom from the house, and I'm worried he'll do something foolish with it. Please, stop him!


  • Talk to Star after this mission and he will be added to the friend list.
  • As with all solo mission, Please Stop Lord Star needs to be completed to recruit Thanos during the Human Path.

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